Fact Sheet about Potential Adverse Reactions

In light of the posts circulating about Simparica, Simparica Trio and Bravecto please refer to the article linked below from the FDA.
Correlation does not equal causation.
All medicines come with some potential risks and side effects and that is why their use should always be taken in consultation with a veterinarian. For the vast majority of pets, tick and flea medicines are safe, effective and help greatly reduce health risks that can come from parasites, such as anemia, Lyme disease and other infectious diseases.

Thank you Dawson County!

Thank you to the entire Dawson County community. We are absolutely humbled and honored to be named 2022 Best of Dawson “Best Pet Care “and “Best Veterinarian”.
We continue to strive to ensure all our clients and patients receive the absolute best care. We are truly overwhelmed by the incredible support and well wishes we’ve received from this community since we opened our doors in 2018 and are excited to share our expansion with you soon. Our clients are the most amazing people, and we are thankful for each and every one of them. We are so thankful to them for trusting us with the care of their furry family members, and welcoming us as an important part of their pets’ lives. We promise we will continue to strive to provide the best pet care in every way. Thank you for this great honor. It is truly a momentous achievement; we are grateful and thrilled!
The entire team at Whitmire Animal Hospital